DMINE Labs is the University of Idaho's data mining research team, where we are developing data mining transformations + machine learning models that predict the impact of climate change.
Python and R both provide high level programming language support for scientific analysis. DMINE has an IPython server as well as a Rstudio server that are accessible for
The DMINE data portal is an Apache solr driven search engine, that contains information on the data repositories that we use for our climate analysis, as well as
We are engaged with several research projects associated with the University of Idaho, as well as Oregon State University.
The DMINE research team is creating data mining and machine learning processes to help understand our climate. DMINE uses python and R to ingest data from a variety of
Here is a continuously updated list of data mining and machine learning resources + research publications, with included links. (updated 11.20.16) Data Mining and Machine Learning Resources (thanks to
The DMINE Climate Dashboards use optimized machine learning models, via a customized API, to provide predictions on how climate effects differing aspects of our society. Each of the climate
This is a Twitter wordcloud, constructed daily, using the phrase "climate change". The most recent 500 tweets from the time of the run (2pm) that contain the phrase "climate change"