DMINE is the University of Idaho's data mining development server, where we are developing data mining transformations + machine learning models that predict the impact of climate change. The University of Idaho's DMINE ... Read More
The following are research teams that DMINE content and resources are being used.   ... Read More
The DMINE Climate Dashboards use optimized machine learning models, via a customized API, to provide predictions on how climate effects differing aspects of our society. Each of the climate dashboards provide an overview, methodology, exploration, ... Read More
The DMINE research team is creating data mining and machine learning processes to help understand our climate.   DMINE uses python and R to ingest data from a variety of sources, such as ... Read More
Here is a list of continuously updated data mining and machine learning resources.   ... Read More
Below is a grouping of in development components related to data mining and the construction of machine learning interfaces for predictive climate hazard impacts.   ... Read More